Human Services Code Of Ethics Analysis

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The preamble of the Ethical Standards for Human Service Professionals, adopted by The National Organization for Human Services (2015), states “ The fundamental values of the human service profession include respecting the dignity and welfare of all people; promoting self-determination; honoring cultural diversity; advocating for social justice; and acting with integrity, honesty, genuineness, and objectivity.” The purpose of this code of ethics is to provide a guide for all human service professionals so there will be consistency in behavior and professional practice regardless of their personal beliefs or values. There are many responsibilities as human service providers. Foremost, there is a obligation to the clients to ensure that they…show more content…
There is no place for discrimination of any kind. In fact, the professional must be willing to continue to learn about the many cultures and diversities. He or she must also be an advocate for individuals and communities and stay updated on current issues politically, socially, and legally. The professional must be the voice for those who are unable to advocate for themselves. To stay informed about the political issues, laws, and legislation could possibly be a difficult task for me, as I dislike anything to do with political issues. I feel that one of the most important responsibilities of the human service professional is that he or she should be completely honest about his or her credentials, education, and areas of expertise. To misrepresent himself or herself could cause potential harm to the relationship between the client and himself or herself as well as to the reputation of the human services field. This standard also coincides with the responsibility to the human service profession, employers, and colleagues. All human service professionals should actively seek resolution to conflicts with their colleagues and employers. It is my opinion that the most important thing the professionals as a whole, should strive to accomplish, is to be a strong support for each other and their clients and to work together for the good of the client and the profession. They should also continually seek to improve upon their education and skills so they may serve clients more

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