Essay On Racism In Criminal Justice

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Introduction: The topic of the impact of racial belonging of a person within the criminal justice system is still of high concern for the society and for the researchers. While the diversity and equality are recognized as the main principles of society functioning, the criminal justice is still moving towards the ideal. Hence, the racial aspect in criminal justice and its definition as one of the core issues that have to addressed is of importance for the society seeking to promote actual equality. Therefore, pointing out the effects that the racism has on criminal justice might be helpful in terms of drawing the attention of a wider audience and establishing a more just system. Background: The United States have always been known as a country of diversity. Nevertheless, one of the most painful aspects of social life in the country has always been the issue of race and ethnicity. While the Constitution promotes equal rights for every person, regardless of the race, the issue of racism stays actual for the society. The problem is that many institutions are still exposed to the influence of racial biases. For example, the data concerning the criminal justice system provide that “39% of arrests for violent crime and 31% of arrests for property crime are of…show more content…
It would increase people’s trust to the system and help to design a more effective approach while also to reduce the number of innocent people being convicted. Many African-Americans tend to be subjected to criminal justice because of their race, for example, in terms of the war on drugs, being jailed while awaiting for trial, exclusion from juries, or getting longer sentences (Kahn & Kirk, 2015). However, if the problem stays unsolved, it would be impossible to develop a society that the Americans have always strived to
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