The Townshend Acts Of 1767

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What are The Townshend Acts? The Townshend Acts of 1767 were a series of laws that set expensive taxes on British Goods such as; paint, lead, tea, glass and paper. The taxes were then used to help pay the salaries of royal officials as well as the British troops in America. The names of the Townshend acts were: The Revenue Act of 1767 The commissioners of customs Act of 1767 The Vice Admiralty Court Act of 1767 The New York Restraining Act of 1768 The indemnity Act of 1767 Background: The Taxes divided Great Britain and its colonies in America. The laws were not a direct tax (like they were with the Stamp Act of 1765) but they were only a tax on imports. The stamp act was previously repealed when the colonies boycotted British
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