Revolutionary War Dbq

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It all began when King James1 gave colonists a charter to go the Americas in 1607. Tension was building up between colonists and Great Britain. The British tried controlling the colonists with; The Navigation Act, French and Indian War, Pontiac’s Rebellion, The Sugar Act, The Stamp act, Declaratory Act, Townshend Act, The Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, and The Intolerable Acts. Of course, they could not be tamed. The Navigation act of 1660 was passed by parliament to limit trade for the colonist. First, it forbade colonists from trading sugar and cotton. Second the act required colonists to use British ships. Finally, Parliament passed an act that all trade must pass through England, and get taxed. The navigation act outraged…show more content…
The Act stated that parliament had the power to make laws. This worried the colonists. The declaratory Act made tension worse between British and the colonies In 1767, the Townshend act was passed by parliament. This act effected glass, lead, paints, paper, and tea. This also allowed tax collectors to search for smuggled goods. These laws had taken power away from colonial governments. The colonists boycotted these many British goods. The Daughters of Liberty supported the boycott. In 1768 Samuel Adams wrote a letter that stated the laws violated colonist’s legal rights. Massachusetts’ legislative shared the letter with other colonies and the colonies voted to join in with the protest. Thus creating a united nation or one on the way at least. The night of the Boston Massacre caused colonial resentment towards Great Britain. The massacre stared when children were taunting a British soldier March 6, 1770. Then they started throwing snowballs, shells, and rocks. Then the adults hit the solider with a club. So, the troops line up and fire into the crowd killing three and wounding a lot of people. John Adams presented the soldier’s case in the court of law. The British soldiers were found innocent. John Adams was shunned for his act of justice. He lost many of his clients. When you hear the words Boston tea party what do you imagine? Colonists protested the British tea tax with the Boston tea party. Merchants smuggled tea to avoid paying the British. Samuel Adams; the leader of the sons of liberty along with the sons of liberty tarred and feathered British tax collectors. In protest the sons of liberty dressed like Indians and dumped tea into the Hudson harbor in 1773. The sons of liberty never got punished for that night yet this lead to an uproar in the other colonies. This made john Adams very worried mad upset and annoyed. The Boston Tea Party

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