America In The Future Research Paper

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My vision of america in the future looks bleak. In all honesty I think America’s government will fall apart with all the people here. I'm not trying to come to any conclusions with people coming here for a new better life, but it is putting young adults and even business out of commission. It's not just all the people moving to the united states, its people in general. Not trying to be hypocritical or anything but have you noticed how people change in every generation, or the way they behave. Most people in the world are greedy and don't care about others. It's getting to the point where we kill one another, or rob innocent people who are just trying to live in America. There is only one thing blocking us from disaster, and that is the military. The military plays a big part in our future. They protect us and help us live in a safe world. They sacrifice themselves to keep us safe. The United States Of America has the biggest and awesome militaries out there. Not only do we have many blessed troops, but we also have the very best technology known to man, especially in the military. They have many things including weapons, attire, and…show more content…
That's why we must protect our kids more than anything. The kids play a big role in the future too, you might not think it now, but one day their time will come to take their place here. We need to prepare them for the future and save america while we still have time, otherwise there is going to be a big rebellion, or the government will simply shut down, again. After that happens there will be no power, no food, no connection or even police. Don't automatically get happy to hear that because they keep us safe from people in the city, so an apocalypse might happen, now i'm not taking zombies, but eventually we will run out of supplies and medications, unless we somehow find away to harvest natural medicines like how the egyptians used moldy bread for
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