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Phonemic Awareness and Phonics When you think of reading there are two different types of approaches you may take. Phonemic awareness and phonics. Although they both sound like they should be the same, they both vary in big ways, and they each also play a key note when learning to read. Phonemic Awareness is having the ability to hear, identify, and manipulate individual sounds. (CITE) With this technique a teacher is not going to teach the sound of one syllable, but what it sounds like to break up a word using the syllables. Take the word “monkey” she would break it up as mon-key. This is a way that the student knows the different sounds of the syllables and can see where they are broken up. This is a great technique that teaches kids…show more content…
When it comes to reading phonics is there to teach the sounds of a word. With phonics you involve the eyes and the ears, to work the problems. When one is using phonics they are able to decode a word. Phonics usually starts out by learning the consonants then moving onto the sounds of letters, and letter combinations. In pre-k we start really focusing on phonics. We use what they call zoo phonics to help the kids learn the alphabet. When one thinks about phonics you usually think of it as a building block to reading, which in case it is. Without understanding the sounds a letter makes you will never be able to put together a word to read it. Understanding phonics is quiet simple, but it can present itself in a couple different ways. All the letters stay the same, but a sound can become different. Depending on what you pair the letter next to is what sound you will get. A great example of one game I would incorporate into my classroom would be phonics bingo. All children love bingo and you can use lots of different options as the markers. First I would write a good number of sounds on the board, then I would have a student choose a designated number of sounds I wrote and write them on an available space for writing. I would then play this like bingo and read out the sounds one by one. The students can get bingo when they have three of their sounds chosed or all of them chosen.

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