What Were The Reasons For The American Colonists In The 1770's

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There were many reasons for the American colonists fighting against the British in the Revolutionary War in the 1770’s. I disagree that the revolution in the colonies was more about political than economical issues. The cause of the revolutionary war was more of an economic struggle than a political struggle. One of the biggest issues colonists had to deal with was the taxes that the British put on them. Taxes and laws changed how they could live their lives and also put burdens and restrictions on them. The Molasses Act of 1733 put taxes on sugar and molasses imported from outside colonies and the Sugar Act of 1764 put taxes on importing sugar and wines. The British passed an act that said the colonists had to provide shelter and food to the British troops in the colony, which imposed on families. The British also passed the Townshend Act of 1767, which put taxes on tea, lead, paints, paper, glass, and other imports. The American colonies were given these taxes and laws because of the British debts created from the French and Indian War. The colonies did not want to accept these taxes and regulations by the British government.…show more content…
People wanted change whether it was economic or political and people wanted control over their lives and the economy, instead of being under control of a powerful government that could put taxes on them for anything. The economic problems faced by the colony affected the lives of most colonists in the 1770s. The British placed taxes and regulations on trading in and out of the colony, making it hard to export and import for goods. The Navigation Act made it a law that products and goods traded between countries had to be shipped to and from England in English ships before going to its final destination. A lot of the colonists were merchants and business people, and they depended on trading goods from other parts of the

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