John Dickinson's Response To The American Revolution

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This letter, written in 1767 by John Dickinson was a plea to unite all the colonists against the Townshend Acts. He thought the taxes that the British implemented were unconstitutional. Dickinson didn’t want violent protests. He just wanted what he thought was right for colonists. Which was to make peaceful protest against the British’s Acts and taxation. Dickinson was a very intelligent man. He knew that a change had to be made or the British would continue to do what they wanted. Dickinson wanted the Townshend Acts to be repealed. He wanted the British to stop abusing their power by doing unconstitutional things to the colonists. He even warned that there would be conflicts in the future, even though he urged a peaceful resistance. Dickinson didn’t want to go to war with Britain. He simply wanted the British government to stop taking advantage of all the colonists. Even when the Declaration of Independence was signed Dickinson was against it. He didn’t want to succeed the British. He simply wanted fair treatment for himself and other colonists.…show more content…
If the colonists didn’t make a stand then the British would keep on taking advantage of their rights. First they make you house British soldiers against your will. What will they do

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