Key Causes Of The American Revolution

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The American Revolution started on 19th of April 1775, and the key causes of the American Revolution were The Townshend act (1767), The 7-Year war (1754), Boston tea party (1773) and The Boston Massacre (1770). There are more causes however I find that these are more significant than the others. One of the main causes of the American Revolution was the 7-Year war (1754). I think it was one of the main causes because the British Taxed the American colonies because the 7 Year war was very expensive and King George was almost bankrupt. Because of this he decided to tax the colonies to get back his money, he did this by putting a stamp on all documents, The Stamp Act (1765). Some of the documents they would tax were: newspaper, playing cards, letters etc. This then caused the Americans to think that it wasn’t fair that they had no say in the government. At this point the famous words ‘no taxation without representation’ was spoken meaning that they wouldn’t pay taxes unless they had been represented. This is why I think that the 7-Year war was a main cause of the…show more content…
The Townshend Act happened after the Stamp Act because they King George III still needed money, from going bankrupt after the 7-Year war, to run his country so he needed to add more expensive taxes of the 13 colonies. Britain did this by adding taxes to materials like: glass, paint, lead paper and tea. America reacted to this by boycotting lots of British goods to show they didn’t care about them. Because of this The Royal Governor of Massachusetts told parliament to send troops to Boston to patrol the streets of Boston to retain order. However nothing much happened, the troops kept patrolling the streets and the Americans kept boycotting the British goods. I think this was a key cause because it started Americans to rebel against the British and fight for themselves and show that they didn’t need the British

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