The Pros And Cons Of My Life

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Ten years ago, I was officially a college dropout; leaving Wiley College after only two years was the biggest mistake of my life. Ten years ago, I created a narrative about the type of people who went to college. I made myself believe that college was a place exclusively for extremely smart people who came from nice middle class families. College was not a place where an African American who lived in subsidized housing went. Although I was enrolled in college and doing quite well, I fell victim to self-doubt and ultimately believed that I did not have the ability to graduate. Consequently, after only two years, I dropped out of college. A couple of years had passed and I was tired of being just another woman of color on welfare; I was tired of being a stereotype. On my 23rd birthday, March 19, 2009, a fight arose in me and I decided to write my own future. I made up in my mind to live the life I always…show more content…
I worked full-time for the first year and a half I was at CSUN. Working had its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages were that I was able to save up enough money to support myself while at CSUN. I was able to have enough gas money to travel to school every day (of note, it takes 1 hour and 25 minutes one way to arrive at school). I could afford my books, and other school supplies I needed. The disadvantage of working full time was that my grades suffered. I was not able to give 100% of my time to classes. After only a year of working, I came to realize that my dream was in jeopardy. Thus, I quit my full-time job and started working part time, focusing more time on school. These changes produced immediate results. My grades went from C’s to B+’s and then A’s the last two semesters. I am proud to say my grades have dramatically improved. My motivation for pursuing a career in speech-language pathology is because, I want to positivity affect people
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