The Pros And Cons Of Existentialism

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Introduction This first half part of the essay will summarize the main points of naturalism, creationism and existentialism suggested by Baggini. Both pros and cons of the above positions will be discussed and the preferred position will be indicated. The later part of the essay will be focused on two moral issues, which are love, sex, marriage and euthanasia, and will be supported by the preferred position. Naturalism Naturalism is a scientific aspect to examine the meaning of life. All life has started with the Big Bang 15 billion years ago. This position suggests that the meaning of life can be found by the origin of life. However, as scientific fact shows that there is no time and space before the Big Bang, life is determined as meaningless.…show more content…
This position is mainly focused on life itself. Human can create their own meaning of life by their own mind. We should set up a continuous goal, for instance increasing our knowledge, thus we can be meaningful in our whole lifetime. This can help us to avoid the difficulty that once a particular life goal has been achieved, for example, own a private car, out life would become meaningless suddenly. Moreover, as life is full of possibilities, we would not know when our life will end. We are better to live meaningful everyday instead of doing something meaningless in order trying to achieve a future goal. Baggini also raised up the idea that our own attitudes toward life are important no matter when we face rise and fall. Pros and Cons of Naturalism The following part will be the discussion of the pros and cons of the three positions. For the pros of Naturalism, as this position is supported by scientific research and theory, this leads this position convincing. However, as the things that happened before the Big Bang is still a mystery in science, naturalism cannot provide us a thorough explanation of the origin of life. Moreover, as naturalism suggested that life is only an accident which leads life meaningless, this can be argued by the fact that most people living on the Earth say they are living in a meaningful life and also by the Frankenstein example. Pros and Cons of…show more content…
First, lack of origin evidence and proof is a possible cons of this position. As this position is not based on science and history record, the idea has not been thought and discussed for a long period of time. Moreover, existentialism values death gives meaning to life which has violated most people’s willing as they hope for longer or even eternal life generally. For the pros of this position, our meaning of life can be determined by ourselves, thus we are free from fearing to be meaningless or living by creators meaning. Existentialism values the existence, dignity and value of human. Human can have their free will which is being for ourselves and this is undoubtedly accepted by most people. This position also benefits the society as bad faith is treated as a problem in existentialism. If people have become authentic, the society would develop in a positive way. For instance, if people can face themselves when facing difficulties and thinking they have the abilities to overcome that challenge, they would have a higher chance to overcome that difficulty, thus show a good example to the

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