Personal Narrative: A Career As A Nurse Practitioner

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Growing up I always knew I wanted to have a profession in the medical field. Through the years and a lot of debating I finally decided on what career path I wanted and ended up with nurse practitioner. There are several education requirements, skills needed, and pros and cons of being nurse practitioners. After matching myself with the focus assessment, I realized that I do have some of the skills needed to become a nurse practitioner. I also knew that I needed a back-up plan just in case it didn’t work out for me to become a nurse practitioner, so I decided on a certified nurse anesthetist. Even though the education is rigorous and there are several pros and cons, I know that I have the skills as said in the focus assessment and that I have…show more content…
In order to become a nurse practitioner you must first become a RN and a Bachelor’s in Science and Nursing and then go to graduate school. There are several duties of a Nurse Practitioner. They do things such as run tests, read the results, and find possible treatments such as medicine or other options (BLS, 2014). Nurse Practitioners need a certain set of skills to be a successful one. The skills are including communication, compassion, leadership, resourcefulness, detail-oriented, and critical thinking (BLS, 2014). I can see where all of these skills would come in handy with being a nurse practitioner because you have to be able to think fast on your feet and communicate with all education level patients all day. There are several pros and cons of becoming a nurse practitioner. On the bright side, a patient might come in and with the correct diagnosis by you their life is saved. The other hand is that if a misdiagnosis is made that they patient’s status may take a turn for the worse or pass away. Another pro would be helping a family and making a new, life-long friend in the process. A con would be getting close to a patient and then the patient passing. There are pros and cons in every field of work, but this is one of few occupations that are life and

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