Protestant Reformation In The Church

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The Protestant Reformation marked an extremely significant event within the Churches long and complex history as the event was responsible for questioning and changing the morals and operations of the church by stopping many corrupt practices such as the selling of indulgences and bishops collecting taxes from Christians from happening in the church. The changes that were made by the Protestant Reformation are still in place within the church today and have made the church a more morally correct place for all Christians. First of all, the Protestant Reformation was considered to be a highly significant event in the church's history as it was responsible for ending the sale of indulgences within the church. An indulgence merchant who went by the name of John Tetzel was selling indulgences near Martin Luther's hometown of Wittenberg, Germany. This angered Martin Luther as he believed that the way to get into heaven was through faith in God and that alone. Martin Luther included a question in one of the 95 Theses that questioned the morality in the act of selling indulgences. The question read, "Why does not the Pope empty Purgatory for the sake of holy love… instead of redeeming an infinite number of souls for miserable money". The message that he wanted to convey to the…show more content…
This meant that all Christians, educated and uneducated could understand and interpret the Bible in their daily lives. This change is evident in today's Christian society as it created jobs such as Theologians (people who study religion) and exegetes (people who interpret and try to understand the bible and relate the Bibles teachings into everyday life). People can now practice these professions without fear of repercussion from the Catholic
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