Same Sex Marriage Pros And Cons

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The LGBT community has always received a mixture of different opinions towards their culture. Some people strongly support their constant fight to make their way of life to be deemed on par with relationships with the opposite sex. Over a period of time, several nations have legalised same sex marriages in their various countries, to name a few, United States of America and Canada. On June 26, 2015, same sex marriages was legalised in the United States of America creating a broad new spectrum of rights for their communities.The US Supreme Court has decided that same-sex marriage is a lawful right over the United States. It implies the 14 states with bans on same-sex marriage will never again have the capacity to implement them. Equity Anthony…show more content…
Some of the pros of the new law are creating a accepting generation. In history, it is often found that most people discouraged and have disdain for cultures that contradict or are different from their own. This creates a dissension among the people and disunity. So, creating a law that defends the rights of these cultures indirectly encourages everyone to live as one in peace, respecting everyone’s rights and culture. The next pro is relationships doesn’t come with gender roles. Since the beginning of time, gender has set the responsibilities and characteristics of the role of each gender in a relationship. This often leads to either gender being dominated or disregarded due to certain ideas associated to their gender, for example, the idea of a wife failing to fulfil her responsibilities due to the fact that she cannot cook. This creates an irrational idea of a relationship. In the same sex relationship, though there may be a dominant person in a relationship but they do not face the issue of gender roles due to a comprehensive understanding of each other and their responsibilities. The next pro would be a more productive family planning starting point. This is due to the fact that same sex couples cannot get pregnant. This will get rid of the problem of accidental pregnancies, abortions, unwanted children and the reduced amount of orphans. Same sex couple will have to go through a long process if they choose to adopt a child. They will have to go under thorough scrutiny to make sure that they are eligible to adopt a child. This thus strengthens the family planning

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