Argumentative Essay On Should They Live

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Running head: Should They Live?1Should They Live?Giovanni A. DewaltDaymar College-Murfreesboro Should They Live?2AbstractThe world that we live in is a very messed up one. We are not the same as we were yearsago. Decades ago, blacks and whites couldn’t be in the same room or share anything. That haschanged. We live in a world where the same sex people can get married. With this new foundfreedom, we are often left to decide on many different decisions. The most recent study that hasarise is if we should help depressed people end their lives. In this paper, you will read the cons,pros, and my intake on the subject. Then afterwards I hope that you will have a better outlook onthe topic. Should They Live?3Should They Live?Do you know someone battling with depression? According to Mayo Clinic, depressionis defined as, “ A mental health disorder…show more content…
In this research paper, you have read the pros, cons, and my intake on if we should helpdepressed people end their lives. We, as people, are not God and do not have the power to justdecide if a person should die or not. You can not let a person mental problem decide their fate.We all are not perfect and have flaws. Think about it.... Should we need end your life becauseof your flaws?DiscussionI feel like in society today, we have taken things too far. Why does it matter if a person isdepressed, has a mental problem, or any disability that makes them different from everyone else.Because society feels like they are not “normal” does not mean that we have the right to decidethe fate of their lives. For us to be a country built off of Christianity, why are we trying to playGod and kill these people? What have this country, this world come too? Most depressed peopleneed help and don’t know how to ask or seek for it. Be a change in this world that we need. Sayno to helping a depressed person end their
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