Mashaweer Server Case Study

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Case Study Questions 1. What Kinds of applications are described in this case? What business functions do they support? Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Important ERP attributes are: • Automated and integrated the majority of an organization’s business process including production planning and development, sales and marketing, manufacturing, inventory management and shipping and payment. • Share common data and practices across the entire enterprise • Produce and access information in real-time environment Due to high cost of ERP they started their own information technology company, Innov8 (innovate) and created a customized ERP System, which was then connected to their customized PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) by a cloud computing system that was made by LinkDotNet and Mobinil. Mashaweer’s Server A software component developed by Innov8 include the Mashaweer Server. The Mashaweer Server is a centralized application…show more content…
Do you think that Mashaweer will be able to accomplish their future strategy and sustain its market share? Mashaweer’s future strategy is as follows: a) Mashaweer Market: Mashaweer is an online supermarket that will enable people to do their grocery shopping through Mashaweer’s website and get it delivered by its representatives within 30 minutes of placing the order. This will be made possible by having access to a large number of supermarket around Cairo and Alexandria, so that representatives can pick the order from the closest outlet and deliver it to the customer as quickly as possible. All products will be displayed on the website. Mashaweer is hoping to reach an average of 4000 orders daily in return for a delivery charge of 5 Egyptian pounds per order. The delivery time can be variable as the size of the order increases. b) Call Centre: Mashaweer’s call center is expected to make up an important revenue stream for the company in the near future, as the company starts introducing marketing

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