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How does the Equine Industry create jobs in Kyalami Area Introduction The Equine industry plays an important role in the Kyalami area due to the fact that most properties are agricultural holdings, where horses can be kept. And due to the vast amount of money that is spent on the industry itself, its popularity is growing rapidly. Research question The question looks at how many jobs can possibly be generated by the Equine industry as a whole. We will also look at what kind of jobs can be created by the Equine industry. I will focus specifically on how many employees one stable yard needs per horse. There are several job occupations one could follow in the Equine industry, I will investigate if employees need certain skills, knowledge or…show more content…
Out of interest sake, would you say there is anything else I need to know about the equine industry? • It’s an unbelievable sport for kids and in times of today it’s a safe and secure environment. Equine industry Questionnaire Name of person interviewed: Mrs. Alma Brown Name of Stable Yard: Pine Ridge Equestrian Centre 1. What position do you hold in this business? • Owner / Manager / Admin 2. What made you want to get involved in the equine industry? • Has always been my passion since I was a little girl. • Grandfather bred Horses and I suppose it just passed on to me.. 3. What service do you provide to the general public? • They teach all levels of riding to all ages of riders. • From beginners to advanced. • They supply the school horses and ponies that they learn on. • We also supply a livery service where they stable their horses with them for a fee and they supply all care needed to keep the horses & ponies in good condition. • They also offer lessons and full show assistance to their clients. 4. What is your niche (target) market? • Young kids and adults that want to learn to ride. • They also cater for the inter schools events and those that get a little more serious and are wanting to compete on a higher…show more content…
Most of the stable yards offer private livery for horses. According to my research the stable yards accommodate between 24 and 72 horses. My findings showed that they employ between 4 to 23 people full time and 0 to 2 people past time. My primary research also shows that it takes 1 employee to take care of between 4 to 5 horses per stable yard. Employees do not need to have basic knowledge or previous experience working in the Equine industry. The stable yard owners train their employees themselves and therefore anybody can work in a stable yard as long as they have the will to learn. In relation to my research question “How does the Equine Industry create jobs in Kyalami Area”, it was evident in my research that fairly small to large stable yards in the Kyalami area are willing to employ people with no knowledge or background of the Equine industry and therefore creating jobs by training these people

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