Huckleberry Finn Comparison Essay

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It is fascinating how two people could have similar personalities even from different timelines. As I read Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, I found some similarities between my personality and huckleberry Finn’s. Huckleberry is compassionate and caring; these are two things that I have always tried to be. Even when helping Jim meant compromising his life, Huckleberry never back down instead, he traveled in a raft with him; he even lied to protect him from being caught by slave haunters. Despite Huckleberry is doubts and moral judgements, he did not turn Jim in. He thought about the consequences of his actions, his thoughts about whether what he was doing was right like any reasonable person should. He chose to do the right thing,…show more content…
My grandmother, as a small business owner was tired of living in the heart of the city, she decided to build a three-story house up the hill because it is quiet there and there is not too much of traffic, she also thought that it would be advantageous for me and my brother is upbringing. My family was one of the few families that had a basin in their backyard, so my grandmother placed drums up on the roof, and at every corner in the corridors for when we have water shortage. There were making new roads, which caused them to shot the water sources sometimes. She would tell me to not give too much water away because one day we will have to drive far away to get some for ourselves, and I would not listen to her. I would struggle people is gallons in, fill them up and struggled them back out. Whenever get caught, I was lectured, then wake up the next day to find myself doing the same thing again. My family is very cultured and strict, I was taught to never lie and to always submit to the rules. I could not tell my grandmother that I was not the one who kept giving the water all of the water away, I also could not tell her that I defied her wishes, and did the exact thing that she told me not to do. I was also taught to always share, so it was a little confusing for me too. Meanwhile, in that case I could not conform to one rule without completely ignoring

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