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Food Stamps: Way of Life for Many Americans Food Stamps has been kind of an issue between middle class Americans and lower class American’s which caused a lot of controversy. But I say the middle class shouldn’t be upset because the government is trying to do what they can do to make society better. I think it’s because middle class Americans what the lower class which some of them are in poverty to always stay in poverty. In my opinion I don’t think the middle class wants to receive food stamps because they just want them to see them struggle because that’s what they think they are supposed to do since some of them are below poverty level. Food Stamps which a voucher is given by the government to low income families, which is exchangeable for food. Secretary of Agriculture Henry Wallace along with other colleagues is one of the many that came up with the Food Stamp Program (“A Short History of Snap”). Food stamps has been an issue for many middle class families since the start of the Food Stamp Program began in 1939, with Milo Perkins as the program’s first administrator. Mable McFiggin an unemployed factory worker was the first to recipient to receive food stamps, collected…show more content…
Some individuals feel that they don’t receive enough to get as much as they need, they would only have enough if they buy non- name brand foods and no snacks (James). Families and/or individuals who receive food stamps are often looked at as free riders and lazy because they are relying on the government to feed them. (Pros and Cons of Food Stamps). In my opinion I don’t look at them as free riders or lazy even though I must admit that some of them are. But the majority of those people calling them lazy and free riders are the ones who deep down inside want the same help that they are getting but have too much pride to go ask for help. But in fact the majority of the SNAP recipients are employed (Pros and Cons of Food

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