The Pros And Cons Of Internet Addiction

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Discussion: The spread of the Internet use has increased the concerns of parents over the quality of their children’s relationships with family members. The main aim of the study determines the relationship of Internet addiction with the family cohesion as so called “the time displacement” hypothesis in a group of undergraduate students. The results show that the increase in time on the Internet use causes the lower time spending with the family. Therefore, the Internet addiction rate is really significant in explaining the relationship and the extent of closeness of the participants to their family as well as the students’ mentally and physically state-beings. In a consistent with the time displacement hypothesis, frequency use of Internet cut down the relative time spending with family and so doing shared activities together. The closeness between family members is deserted since they are rarely with each…show more content…
The limited scope of the participants in the study is so far a constraint preventing the study to be generalizable. 30 students of the AUPP students cannot be summed up to represent all the population in neither Phnom Penh, nor the community, nor the school. The number of them makes up only 13% of the enrolled students in the whole university. Another limitation to the study is the different geographical living of the students. Some students in the study are from provinces. They are living far away from their homes and family, and they rarely come back hometown, since it may consume times and money. And their parents have businesses that may be difficult to come to Phnom Penh seeing them as well. Therefore, their time of interaction and hanging out together would be affected and so far it is less, with no effects from the intervention of the Internet usage. The students whose parents had business abroad also spend less time with their family and are distanced in their interfamilial relationship and
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