Why Should Cell Phones Be Allowed In School

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Many teachers have been arguing about having cellular devices being allowed in school grounds. In New York, one of of the largest school districts which has 1.1 million students attending, have reversed the banning policy for cell phones and since then over 70 percent of schools have reversed their policies on phones. With these policies changing, research has said that some but not all students are using their devices as tools for educational purposes, but most of the time students have used their devices for communication and social media. This can result for lower test scores and not moving onto the next grade level. Students should not be allowed to have and use cellphones in class because it is a major distraction and it can also result on having lower test scores, even though some people believe that students can use them for educational use.…show more content…
Not only it benefits the parents, but students, if they choose wisely, can use their pocket size devices as tools for educational purposes. For teacher benefits, they can corporate with new technology with their learning. However, this claim is invalid because even though students might use phones for learning, they might see a text or a tweet and they are going to take advantage to go on social media whenever they can. In the article, “Schools seek balance for cellphones in class” by Linda Matchan, she says that students may try to do something eductional with their devices but end up checking their instagram, tweets and more ( Matchan ). Therefore, students should not be allowed to use and have cellular devices in
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