Excessive Use Of Mobile Phones Essay

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There are some things that you should think twice before doing. Let your children spend long hours using mobile phones is one of them. Although, studies have shown that the excessive use of cell phones is ruining the social lives of the society, it has become necessity of every human being. Mobile phones, or cell phone, is new vision of the traditional one – telephone. Nowadays, scientists use high technology to develop them day by day with more digital and compelling gestures. Consequently, there are more and more children addicted to using mobile phones. 38 percent of two-to-five-olds kid have their own smart phone or tablet (Simon Jary, 2017). Parents and teachers need pay more attention to this issue because mobile phones or cell phone…show more content…
It is impossible to wash mobile phones, especially smart phones, usually so their screen become the wonderful habitat for germs and bacteria. Some kinds of harmful germs can move easily from human’s finger tips to the cell phone’s screen. Then, they develop uncontrollably and may cause some terrible disease. It has been proved that cell phone top the list of items which have more viruses than toilet seat and 30 percent of them come from our body.(Avrom Simon, 2016). In addition, cell phone is considered one of factors that take responsibility for sleep problems. The fact is that it may be hard for kids to stop using mobile phones when they go to bed. In some research, scientists found that some teens can not sleep early with so many massages or notation from social networks. They usually get use to with accessing to the Internet as much as possible. The issue comes from not only their habit but also the cellphone’s radiation. According to Katy Hall and Chris Spurlock(2013), radiation coming from cell phone can make people take longer to fall asleep and spend less time in deep sleep. As the result, sleeplessness in longtime may lead children to face mental problems such as anxiety, nervousness, depression,

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