The Right Decision Essay: Making The Right Path

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A bird under proper guidance learns to fly and after learning it guides itself. Likewise, a child needs proper nurturing and guidance until it is a mature adult. When it comes to us it’s our parents who help us to choose the right path. Sometimes, our parents fail to make the right decision for our lives. By the same token my parents failed to make right decision while choosing my career. My parents wanted me to study medicine and I wanted to study Public health. So, I had to defy with their decision. Eventually, Some bitter questions came across my mind "Am I doing right? Is it wrong if I am not blindly following elder's decisions?". Choosing to study public health instead of studying medicine has taught me that being independent can be a great challenge. Through being independent I learned it can give me the desired life though it can be disrespectful and complicated. Usually, first-born children face more pressure than their younger siblings. As I am the eldest child of the family my parents have high expectations for me. When I was a kid, most of the decisions of my life were made by my parents. Besides I was very obedient to them. I always followed my parent's decisions. Apart from that they made me do whatever…show more content…
Although I had to go through difficult situations because of not living life according to other's decisions. Speaking about independence I think it doesn't mean the liberty do anything including breaking laws. I know which things I should probably not do. To tell the truth I want to lead life according to my will. Thus, I don't want a life where I'd be thinking like "I wish I would've said no to this path". Being depended on myself is the best thing because I can choose the life I want to have. Being depended on myself me to not get a life which could be a burden for me. At the end, opting for being independent gave me a life full of contentment and

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