Narrative Essay About Christmas Break

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My feet shuffled across the concrete floors as I made my way into the Grand Hallway at my high school. A dull glow illuminated the hallway that was usually bustling with students but was now vacant besides myself and Coach Perkins. Being the last day of school before the long-awaited Christmas Break, many students had opted to not attend for the measly two and a half hours. Early that morning, I had reluctantly crawled out of bed and changed from my warm pajamas into jeans and a spirit shirt, but my change in attire failed to compensate for my tiredness. I yawned loudly as Coach Perkins and I took seats at a small, but tall, table surrounded by four elongated stools. I forced myself to focus on the task at hand, which happened to be a discussion about regret. Coming…show more content…
I’ve realized that I obviously can’t go back and be nice, like, I only had that opportunity on that day to be nice to her, and I’ll never get it back.” “So do you feel like that’s changed now or are you as mean as you used to be?” Gee, now I feel like the mean step sister. “Depends on the day,” I quickly responded, and we both laughed. “Because, guess what happens in five years from now? You regret what you do now.” My smile faded as I pondered her words. I had always associated regrets with things of the past, but at one point, the past was the present. Regrets, therefore, formulate from the present and are only classified as regrets because of time. The problem is they sneak up on people because they are invisible and hidden until time passes. I mentally added the morsel of wisdom she gave me to my ever growing list of advice. “I have two big regrets in my life,” she started, “The first one is I thought I was being Christ-like in high school by being intolerant, and if I tried to influence kids to act perfect, then that was like being a better

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