Personal Essay: Why I Want To Help The Community

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Since I can recall I have always been interested in helping the community and been inclined towards promoting health and wellbeing for the people. I remember that when I was a little girl probably six or seven years old, I used to tell everyone that I saw smoking: don’t smoke its bad for you and it affects your body. Back then it was a random act of a child, but this made me realize that I wanted to help the community by educating and promoting them towards a better and healthier lifestyle. My family thought me an important lesson that has shaped me into who I am today and its helping others no matter what. Every time I can do a random act of kindness assisting others, for example: it could be giving someone something that fell, giving a homeless some food to eat, explaining a task to someone who doesn’t understand, support a cause, among others not only makes me feel complete, but it reminds me that as a community we need to be connected and help each other.…show more content…
During my college years I continued to do volunteer work were I have visited children’s home who suffered from abuse, participated in selling inscriptions for a 5k to raise funds for the pediatric hospital, visited elderly’s homes which assist different health conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, sold raffle tickets for the spina bifida and hydrocephalus association and worked in a Halloween event that recollected funds for a non-profit organization that helps the parents of children and young adults with functional disabilities. When I spend my free time volunteering it fills me with joy and satisfaction, it has also provided a numerous amount of experiences that otherwise I wouldn’t have and in a way or another I feel that I’m making a difference in each of the persons that I have
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