Essay On The Pros And Cons Of Legalizing Marijuana

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Number one on the checklist is to find out where the source was published. I searched and read through all three articles and they all came from an online source. The least credible source, Pros & Cons of Legalizing Marijuana, comes from the site, The second source, The Public Health Consequences of Marijuana Legalization, comes from the website, The most credible source, Legalizaion, Decrininalization & Medicinal Use of Cannabis: A Scientific and Public Health Perspective, came from the website Number two on the checklist is to determine if the article is peer reviewed. When an article is peer reviewed it shows that the article is more reliable. I searched all three sources on Ebsco Host and check marked the…show more content…
When researching an author you should view to see what else he/she has wrote and check to see where the author works or if the author is affiliated with any place in specific (“Evaluating”). Looking up the author’s qualifications, credentials, and observing to see if the author is biased in any nature is also a very important aspect (Monecinno). The least credible source and the second credible source do not show an author. The most credible source or third source has several authors. I researched the first three authors listed. Dragan M. Svrakic is the first author listed, a quick search of the name on the internet and on Ebsco showed me several different things. Dragan M. Svrakic is a physiatrist and a professor of phychology. Svrakic also has helped write several other peer reviewed academic journals. One of the articles is called, Temperament and Character Modify Risk of Drug Addiction and Influence Choice of Drugs, and Dragan M. Svrakic is listed as one of the authors (Milivojevic, Dragan, Srdjan D. Milovanovic, and Minja Jovanovic). This article shows that he has a connection to the subject of source number three. Author number two is Patrick

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