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Jeju Island, South Korea: The Seven Local Cuisines With one must eat ‘Jeju Island Black Pork’ Jeju island is located at Southwest of the Korean peninsula and has been designated as Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, also a world famous volcanic island with more than 90% of the area are covered with basalt. Many beauty skin products in South Korea has use the title of volcanic mud from Jeju, mostly it is use for a mask products. Since Jeju is the island surrounded by the sea, all the tourist that visit Jeju Island can enjoy its wide variety of seafood all year around. Here are the list of Jeju’s local cuisine; 1. Jari mulhoe (shredded raw coral fish ice soup with vegetables) It is a raw perch fish on top a spicy vegetable soup, sometimes…show more content…
A slice of raw cuttlefish mix with vegetables, add the sauce (Korean spicy sauce; ghoju-cang), but in Jeju they use a soy bean sauce rather than the spicy sauce, then pour an ice water into the bowl. Because it is very easy to make, the local’s fisherman or haenyeo (a woman diver who collect seafood by diving under the sea) will have this dish if they are hungry, mulhoe itself means a mixture of fish in a water. 5. Okdum gui (broiled tilefish) Okdom is a kind of tilefish that is caught only along the Coast of Jeju Island and in the seas close to Japan. After the fish is caught, they will spread the fish wider and allowed to dry in half in the sunshine, after that broiled with sesame oil. The dish really have excellent flavor with a very nice aroma that will bring your appetite to its fullest. 6. Bingddeok (buckwheat cake) It is a rice cake that is made by rolling the dough ‘bing bing’ (round and round), it is Korean’s people to express how they spell by rolling the dough. After it rolled with the mix of; radishes, Welsh onions, salt, sesame powder, and sesame oil as the filling, it will be put into the oven to bake and it becomes the bing rice cake or…show more content…
The native people of Jeju Island called it heuk dwaeji means black pig, because the pig is covered by thick black hair. Black pig is an animal that native to Jeju Island, people used to breed the black pig under their house and been feed with the leftover food or even human waste. But, in the modern days the pigs breed in a commercial farms with a modern way of breed. The climate and the soil of Jeju are perfect for raising the black pigs, because of this, the quality and taste of the meat Jeju’s black pork are truly

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