Role Of Diversity And Diversity In Democracy

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N POLITICAL SCIENCE DEMOCRACY AND DIVERSITY TABLE OF CONTENTS Sr. # Topic Name Page # 1. Democracy and deversity 3 1.1 Diversity in Society 1.2 Diversity and Unity 1.3 Diversity and democratic politics 1.4 Diversity and inequalities 1.5 Inequality between Men and women 1.6 Religious Diversity and Democracy 1.7 Diversity and Share in power 1.8 Distribution of power in Federation Diversity in Society Meaning People inhabit in a town or city  from Different Regions  Speaking Different Languages  Following Different Sect & Religion Such distinct nature of language, religion, region, culture is called diversity Diversity in Society  Language, Religion, Culture, State, city are the factors dependent…show more content…
Indian Caste system is hierarchical in nature and hence some castes are superior then the other. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, Mahatma Phule, Rajarshi Shahu maharaj and Periyar Ramswami Naicker has made extensive attempts to end caste system and abolish the untouchability How democracy Deals with Inequality 1. Anti-Caste views expressed and Anti-caste Movements took place to create awareness. 2. Untouchability is declared illegal as per our law and constitution. 3. Special provisions are made to for backward classed. Inequality between Men and Women The Society is divided based on the gender called biological difference. All Societies in the world witness the secondary treatment to women as compared to men Tarabai Shinde (1850-1910)  Tarabai shinde (1850-1910) wrote a book called “Stree-Purush Tulana”.  The Book was published in 1882.  She was from vidrabha and family believes in SATYA SHODHAK ideology  Her Family was follower of Mahatama Phule. Krantijyoti Savitribai Phule (1831-1897)  She was renowned as pioneer for women education  She was first Lady Teachr cum Head Mistress in…show more content…
Following ways are followed to resolve gender inequality  Women’s Organization and Social Awareness  Legal provisions protecting women right  Implementation of woman welfare scheme  Special provision for ensuring share in power for women Religious Diversity and Democracy Diversity of Religious is very delicate point and needs to be tackled very carefully otherwise it will result in inequality and conflicts among the religious group. The conflicts may arise out of difference of opinion, competition and tension. In such cases government needs to intervene and regulate the matter. Following measures are adopted to ensure peaceful co-existence of different religious groups  Freedom of Religion: Any body can follow any religion of his choice.  Government must treat equally to all persons of any religion  Taking special care for the development of minority religious groups. Diversity and Share of power Sharing of power by Different groups ensures good inter-relationships among the different groups in society resulting into a strong democracy Distribution of Power in a

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