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The Fearful Chatters Writer Chuck Jones once said, “Fog and smog should not be confused and are easily separated by color.” this quote is an iconic because it relates to a major theme in Party Going. The word “fog” describes the orientation of a fog causes, and its multi functions. This is perhaps what makes the novel like Party-Going by Henry Green loss direction, and intentionally confusing. The Party-Going revolves around small group of wealthy people who are stranded at the London train platform. In the beginning of the novel the narrator, presents the state of the atmosphere of the tunnel by stating, “fog was so dense,”(Green 384). In this context, Green emphasizes the massive impact of the fog in the novel. The use of “fog” represents…show more content…
Sounds can make us feel some certain ways, for example if someone makes a scary prank wearing bloody mask screaming to an another person then the victim might possible jump of cliff due to trauma. Fog represents death in this situation because the weird sounds that Julia heard and the creepy demon shaped like indicated that she was not alone and she was accompanied with demon. Accordingly, looking in depth into the metaphor of “fog”, it appears that it’s actually true that the Fog represents death and confusion. Although nothing explicitly shows the inaccurateness links between fog and death, however ambiguity meets expectations. According to this short article by Joseph Panek tears down the walls for us to understand better “The danger and confusion that Fog can present us with in the physical world is the same kind of danger and confusion that Fog can present us with in our mental world,” (Panek 2009). Which reveals the “true” meaning of Fog and how people in “real life” think of it. Lot people do not drive in heavy fog weather, because of lack of visibility and its dangerous. That’s why people stay attentive and precautious when it comes to driving in bad

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