How Did Thomas Edison Change The World

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The Man That Illuminated The World Thomas Alva Edison is the man best well known for his invention of the light bulb. But, what most of the world doesn’t know is that he was the inventor of over 1,000 patented inventions including the electric chair, talking dolls, and the alkaline battery. “Thomas Alva Edison and his inventive mind had a huge impact on society, perhaps more than most people realize” (Bateman, 2013). His early life, telegraphic career, his time in both the Menlo Park lab and the West Orange lab all shaped him into the Edison that changed the way the world used electricity. Bateman (2013) also states “Edison was instrumental in the technology that led to modern-day movies, batteries, tattoos, vending machines, and much more.” Not only did he illuminate the world with the light bulb, but his innovative ideas also changed the way that future inventors viewed the electrical system. Early Life Thomas was…show more content…
When all the other inventors tried to create a functioning light bulb, they missed the bigger picture. While the bulb itself was extremely important, each part of the electrical system is needed for it to function properly. As Thomas Edison and his team worked and toiled on this invention, Edison slowly began to see the bigger picture. For the light bulb to work properly, each component of the electrical system must be in proper working order. Edison once made this statement: “It was not only necessary that the lamps should give light and the dynamos generate current, [but] all parts of the system must be constructed with reference to all other parts.” This big picture thinking is the basis of technology in today’s world, but was unheard of in Edison’s day (Frost, 1999). This big-picture thinking about electricity would go onto guide future inventors to realize the amazing power of

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