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Lost in what used to be your home, taken out of all that was once familiar and marched to your expected death. Author, Thea Halo, recounts the story of her mother’s continual adaption to her crumbling world. In a novella Halo depicts the journey for the young protagonist from Turkey to the United States and the troubles faced along the way, during the expulsion of Pontic Greeks from their home. For audiences to understand the emotional connection to the novel, as well as successfully comprehend the gravity of the sacrifices Sano made; they have to first understand the exposition of the author and all the truth to her story. Born in New York in 1942, Thea Halo was the eighth of 10 children born to Sano, a Greek, and Abraham, an Assyrian. Both were exiles from their countries of origin. Lacking a a sense of belonging even in the tight family upbringing she had, Thea lived with an idea of her family history, but no understanding or knowledge that she would later come to realizes was all too necessary in her search for an ideal of being, and acceptance into her own skin. In attempts to enhance the…show more content…
In fact the next obstacle in Sano’s path was the cruelty of the mother of this family, which eventually drove her to run away to Diyarbakır in search of an Armenian family she knew. Together with this family she escaped to Syria, where, aged 15, she was sold as a bride to an American Assyrian three times her age. She moved to New York and became the mother firstly of an 11-year-old step-son and later 10 of her own children. Throughout her life she displayed amazing powers of resilience in the face of more adversity than most of us can scarcely

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