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The battle of Carrhae takes place on June 54 BC. Now the battle was between Crassus and Parthia. Now Rome at that time was being led by Crassus. Crassus was co-ruler of the Roman state. He was preparing a massive army for the invasion of Carrhae. Crassus wanted the same glory and type of military that Pompey had. Now on the other side the Parthians were a race of nomads. They had a very organized army that was made up of horse archers. Now these archers were re-enforced by nobles called cataphracts. The archers would follow behind the cataphracts for support and together, they would charge. Now Crassus prepared about seven legions which was 35,000 heavy infantry. Now Rome at that time had a high reputation with prestige and fame. In the past two decades before the battle, Rome had won every single battle. Besides the heavy legions Crassus brought along, he also took 4,000 light infantry and an additional 4,000 for support. Among those men were 1,000 Gallic nobles. The Romans were not intimidated by the Parthians infantry or tactics. As the battle was approaching, the Parthians knew that the Romans invasion was coming. As Crassus was advancing, he made his first mistake by not taking the…show more content…
They eventually made to the town of Carrhae where there is Greek settlement. There the Parthians had 10,000 men which was about a quarter compared to what Rome had. Once the army had appeared, they forced an invasion which made Crassus surprised. It also caused all the Roman officers to become concerned. The Parthians opened the battle with arrows flying from their archers. The Romans then used one of their tactics that didn’t end up being effective. The Romans continued to advance and the Parthians archers alone could not stop the Romans. But eventually the Parthians broke through the Romans formations and tactics. The Romans had never faced anything like this, they were

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