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Leon Trotsky and Snowball Essay People should stand up for themselves and for what they believe in. This can be seen in the allegory, Animal Farm by George Orwell. In the book Animal Farm, the animals end up taking over Mr.Jones's Farm and as soon as the animals take over, the pigs step up and act as the government. Running the government is not easy, especially when two of the pigs, Napoleon and Snowball, are constantly disagreeing. All of the events that happen revolve around the Russian Revolution and all of the characters are compared to a real life person. This essay will prove how Leon Trotsky is similar to Snowball because they both got their ideas stolen by someone else. Based on events in history, the main cause of the Russian Revolution was a food shortage and people…show more content…
The quote, “Trotsky became (Nov., 1917) people’s commissar for foreign affairs under Lenin.” (“Leon Trotsky.”) tells us one of his roles which was him being a commissar (leader). Along with Trotsky being a commissar he was also a member of the Bolshevik party and he was in charge of the October revolution where he worked alongside Lenin. Although Trotsky didn't work alone, he did have accomplishments of his own. He accomplished being chief of the war in 1918 in which he organized the Red Army. He was also in charge of the October revolution which brought a lot of power to the Bolshevik party. Along with bringing power he also influenced some people. Trotsky influenced Zinoviev and Kamenev to join him in plotting against Stalin (“Leon Trotsky.”). Trotsky wanted them to go against Stalin because Stalin got the power that Trotsky wanted which was being the general of the party. Trotsky’s plan didn't really work out because soon Trotsky was banned to Alma-Ata and he was removed from the party and the USSR. He ended up staying with his family in Mexico and in 1940 he was assassinated (“Leon
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