What Was The Role Of Women In America's Industrialization?

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The early industrialization of America was directly related to the events leading up to and after the War of 1812. America experienced many social and economic changes from the Industrial Revolution. The transition from an agricultural society to an industrial society greatly increased productivity in the America, redefined the role of women in society and transformed the modes of transportation. The military was also impacted by America’s industrialization. Prior to the War of 1812, America was undergoing an Industrial Revolution. Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin in 1794. The cotton gin helped separated the cotton seeds from the fibers faster. The cotton gin had a profound effect on Southern economy as cotton became a more profitable crop. The invention of the cotton gin strengthened the cotton economy in the South. The mass production of cotton greatly increased the economy of the South. This economic growth brought about a new cotton economy in the South. Jefferson’s Embargo Act also took an effect on the exports. The Embargo Act prohibited all American exports to foreign ports, which forced merchants to trade among the…show more content…
In spite of the employers winning over the mill girls protests, these mills girls were able to resist and fight for their working rights in the mills. During this pre-civil war era, many social reforms were had out broken especially, women’s rights. At the start of the country, women were not allowed the same rights as men. Women could not have a higher level of education, was denied the right to own property, and denied the right to vote. Women were also not permitted to control their own wages. The creation of many textile factories allowed women to gain wages independently. Women hired as mill girls had also diverted from the norm of marriage. Many of the working mill girls were unmarried which provided much more employment opportunities such as

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