Bias In Presidential Elections

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A reporter’s job is to provide the public with useful information about events happening not only locally, but also globally; however most reporters no longer hold true to providing none biased information. This is especially true during the election year. An election is the process by which people vote for the candidate or proposal of their choice. Certain news company’s owners are either for the Republican Party or they are for the Democratic Party; therefore, the news they show casually leans toward situations that favor or disfavor a certain party. Actions such as these may cause many American citizens to withhold their vote because they are not confident in the validity of what they have heard. A simple step to help prevent a corrupt view of the media is to check out not just one, but multiple news sources. During election years, such as this year, different news stations host multiple presidential debates. These presidential debates can provide less biased information for the Americans watching the events transpire. When watching a presidential debate it is important to listen to all the candidates so the voter can get a better, less biased view of each presidential candidate.…show more content…
Social Media, websites such as Facebook and Twitter, also play a large part in the corrupt media. On sites like these, users will take an article, or maybe even a quote from a candidate, and twist and manipulate his or her words into something that could very easily hurt his or her reputation. Users will not only twist words from popular candidates into reputation destroying articles, they will also make disrespectful pictures with these manipulated quotes on them. This leads the average American to an invalid and unjust conclusion about a candidate that they may have originally thought very strongly

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