Summary: The Party Propaganda

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The Party is using propaganda here to scare them into following what they say. The Party seems like they are tying to influence people just to have control. These statements contradict each other; war and peace, freedom and slavery, ignorance and strength are all completely different. Do they have so many wars going on that that is just normal and its considered peace for them? Or is that what the Party wants them to think? The use of parallelism and asyndeton help keep the sentence going without making it too confusing to understand what doublethinking is. Doublethinking appears so complex and tough to understand. It seems like there are so many layers involved in doublethinking that it’s almost impossible. You have to do one thing but at the same time do almost the exact opposite of that thing. Or you use something against itself to further your point or opinion. Is the Party trying to confuse the people? First, we…show more content…
I think he also realized that there aren’t even such things as secrets anymore. That’s sad because if it’s a memory, you can’t think about it if it is something you want to remember. If it is information, you can’t use it because someone will always be watching you. And they cannot know that you have this information. He has to tell himself it’s a lie, constantly so that even he thinks it’s untrue. I like how Orwell said “a violent emotion.” That makes it sound important like there is a storm brewing inside of him, but really it is just excitement mixed with fear. By saying that, I think it draws attention to how he is feeling and what he is going through without saying too much. And then Orwell showed how Winston couldn’t think about one thing at a time. His mind is constantly wandering because of the state he is in. It’s an interesting way to convey his emotions in a descriptive

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