War Is Peace Freedom Is Slavery Ignorance Is Strength

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What is the connotation behind the term slogan? To inaugurate this essay, a slogan can be classified as a short, memorable and appealing phrase used to advertise a certain aspect. In 1984, there are three memorable ideals that can be classified as a slogan. War is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength is all slogans expressed in the novel, 1984. The first slogan expressed in 1984 is the concept of war is peace. “War is peace freedom is slavery ignorance is strength” (4). This quote introduces the three slogans right away to show the importance of a slogan. It is a tremendous idea to introduce these slogans early so readers can get familiarized with the slogans right away, which makes them memorable in the end. In the novel, the people feel as though keeping a war going is keeping peace among each of those…show more content…
Being ignorant is beneficial in the sense of keeping the people optimistic, happy and therefore strong. “It must be so, because every human being is doomed to die, which is the greatest of all failures,” (264). In this quote, it expresses the ideal of no one lives forever and that is the biggest impact in someone’s life. There is no way in escaping death, and everyone faces death at some point during the life. How long one lives depends on the attitude they use to impact their lives in a good or bad way. To the people in the Party the importance is facts about the society. Being ignorant means they are lacking true knowledge of what is really happening. If someone found out news would spread and there would be rebelling against the government. The people’s ignorance gives the Party its strength in the end because the people aren’t aware of most actions going on. However, if the people do end up rebelling then the strength and power will be taken away from the Party. Therefore, it all depends on the situation of the people with how much strength the Party will

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