Othello And 1984 Comparison Essay

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“A man is but the product of his thought, what he thinks; he becomes (www.thinkexist.com). This quote relates back to both 1984 by George Orwell and Othello by William Shakespeare. Both main characters possess an internal struggle in ways of decision making and reasoning. Throughout both novels, the characters are seen acting on impulse which will eventually bring both to their tragic end. In 1984, the main character Winston lives in a dystopian world with a totalitarian government. With his movements closely monitored, Winston has to be careful with is decisions. Yet, Winston chooses to think independently and silently rebels against his government; a government that is completely power-hungry and keeps its citizens under a veil of drunkenness and stupidity. In…show more content…
Othello looks around and realizes all the trouble and pain he has caused among his acquaintances and cannot comprehend it. Othello realizes he cannot escape either being arrested or being executed. Othello learns that Iago took advantage of him and that Desdemona never cheated on him with Cassio. Othello must accept this. Similarly, in 1984 Winston is being tortured by O’Brien and is in the ‘understanding’ stage of his treatment at the Ministry of Love. O’Brien explains to Winston that no one can die a martyr and that each captive will learn to love Big Brother and will be shot in the head once they do. Winston realizes he will never win his battle against Big Brother and has no other choice but to accept his fate. Next, in Othello, it seems as though Othello is hugely unaware that he is going to die in the end. He does not accept his fate until the end of the play. There is no foreshadowing and Othello never expresses feeling as if he is going to die soon. Though, Othello is nervous about being caught in the murder of Desdemona, he is unaware of all the trouble he will actually cause and therefore is somewhat unaware of his tragic end. On the

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