The Importance Of Work Stress

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Work Stress The Indian economy is marching towards a high growth trajectory, albeit with certain impediments on the horizon, with the aim of achieving 9.0 percent GDP growth, it achieved 8.2 percent (2010-11). This fast growing economy is more concern to generate the income and employment opportunities that were needed for improving living standards for the bulk of the population and to generate the resources needed for financing social sector programs, aimed at reducing poverty and enabling inclusiveness. India has a younger population not only in comparison to advanced economies but also in relation to the large developing countries. As a result, the labor force in India is expected to increase by 32 per cent over the next 20 years. With…show more content…
Skilled workers, good supervisors and managers all form part of the human resource pool. They are essential for the competitiveness of manufacturing enterprises. Indeed, they are the key to the coordination and continuous improvements that are required for productivity. The best of India’s engineering graduates no longer work in factories. They work in service industries and many, going through management schools, end up working in the financial, consulting, and other service industries. With the fast pace life and urge to meet the demands set by the competitive environment people are working hard, and a healthy working environment is one in which there is not only an absence of harmful conditions but an abundance of health promoting ones.. Earlier the workplace and working hours were clearly specified but this is no longer true for the contemporary workforce who is working towards growth of global economy. Due to this pressure the line between the work and non-work time has blurred. People have started complaining about the personal conflict and stress. Some stress is inevitable in jobs and even act as a force to perform productively but if not treated properly can cause damage to the functioning of the workforce. Earlier the organizations were never bothered about the human behavior but now a day’s organizations have started taking human behavior aspect importantly and now organizational behavior has emerged as inter disciplinary approach to deal with the humanistic point of view of employees. The instabilities in the present work systems pose a threat to the employees leading to high levels of stress. Stress is related to the role or position that a person occupies in a given job. Coleman (1976) named the modern age as the ‘age of anxiety and stress”. As health is not merely
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