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I/O Psychology Work Stress Assignment 1, Post mid. To: Ma’am Maryam Anwaar. By: Ayesha Ahmad. Major: BBA, Semester 3. Section: A Submitted on: 16th November, 2015. Question: Critically analyze the two cases with reference to job stress and compare them with each other. Answer: Work stress Job stress are the effect on job performance of an employee that is caused by the tension, job pressure, job increased requirement, fulfillment and the respond deadline of work. According to the research the stress effects employee and influence his behavior in two ways 1. It effects the employee’s psychological and physical wellbeing in a negative way 2. It effects the employee’s effort which he make to cope up with the stress by preventing…show more content…
Louise is 36 years old and has a seven months old son, named Archie. She is a white collar employee who is able to earn £20,000 annually On the other hand the second case that has is of tanker driver named john nelson who is 50 years of age and has two adult children who have left home and john lives with his wife in cumber auld outside the Glasgow. John drives the petrol tanker and earns the average money of £29,000 a year. Which shows that he is not a very rich man as compared to the high flyer Louise palmer in case no.# 1 One thing should be noticed that stress is not only an element which one gets from his/her job , there can be come from background realities and the fact that lie one’s personal life which can cause stress at work. For example from some of the personal information about both the employees given above, we can deduce that they have something in their personal life which can affect their work and create stress They are as…show more content…
On the other hand when we see the other case of the petrol tanker driver John Nelson he thinks that his job has become very boring over the years for the manual work like him. he thinks that people have started to make money and profit , their first priority and they want to earn maximum of it from their work. John nelson seem to like more socially friendly environment of work as he has given example that how organizations at first used to have time for their employees and how they made clubs and social events for them and their welfare but now according to him the manager just want t earn profit and they don’t care about the happiness of their

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