Changes In Organizational Structure Change

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One of the independent variable that will affect the dependent variable in this journal is organizational structure change. When there is a changes in an organization it will eventually cause a difficulties to the employees . If the organizational changes alter the power bases in the organizations, this can cause an emotions of unfairness and injustice among the affected employees(Dahl 2010) eventually it will increase their stress level . It will affect the employees feels on how they will fit into the new arrangement . In an organization, some individuals accept the changes and most simply embrace it with different degrees of willingness . However , some refuse to accept the changes . Eventually, the rejection of the changes increased the…show more content…
It is obvious that when an organizational structure change employees commonly become fearful during the times because of the uncertainty change causes (Manning and Preston 2003) . One of the reason why the changes in organizational structure causing work stress is that the organization often fail to explain to their employees of their actions and decisions (Pfeffer 1998, 2007; Hannan et al 2003b). According to Cox, Griffiths & Leka (2003), the changes in employee career development will take place due to their stress level when an organization facing a changes. By means that , as a result of the changes , the employees responsibility is happen to change , and occasionally individual employees incapable to take control of the changes situation . Control is fundamental to the job context related stress. Moreover , Zheng (2010) concluded that there is a negative effect on employee performance in a short run when the structure on organizational change…show more content…
Thus , the stress while organizational structure changes is not affecting some of the employees . If the changes is applied to the organization strategies or goals it is acceptable to the CEOs but for the employees it can result in stress, frustration , uncertainty and distrust as they may require new skills or necessitate a comprehensive due to the new changes in strategies (Dahl 2010) . Dahl also mentioned that , changes in organizational structure broadly can have potentially negative outcomes and increased stress to the employees as the they facing unfairness, injustice, breach of implicit contracts and failure to performed the new contracts . In furtherance to the discussion , organization structure change can affects an organizations reliability and accountability, leading to frustration and confusion within the organization (Peli et al., 2000) .A negative feeling can resulted from change (Sagie et al., 1985; Sagie and Koslowsky, 1994; Huy, 2002; Jimmieson et al., 2004; Kiefer, 2005) .Consequently , the effects of stress level among the employee may resulted of firm exit and turnover because of the dissatisfaction (Baron et al.,

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