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Preventive Stress Management Preventive approaches to stress are not about preventing stress. They are programs and skills that are initiated before stress symptoms are felt (Greenberg, Domitrovich, & Bumbarger, 2000, p. 2). The importance of preventive stress management is growing. Resilience skills are believed to be the answer. When these methods are used for the entire student population, the positive effects are felt by all. Promotion of Ongoing Preventive Programs Because stress is now being linked to a student’s learning, educational institutions are beginning to see the importance of mental health development (Rempel, 2012, p. 201). The World Health Organization (2004) has found that “the only viable way to curtail the difficulties…show more content…
493). It is a positive personality trait that allows individuals to adapt (Ahern & Norris, 2011, p. 534). Resilience is a proactive mechanism that is used to bounce back from stressful situations. Although there is no way to prevent challenges, being resilient can change reactions to difficult situations, and reduce stress symptoms and the time it takes to recover from the adversity. It helps people adapt to life’s challenges and changes (Sutton, 2011, pp. 9-10). Resilience can even help change adversity into a growing experience. As Sutton (2011) puts it, resilience creates “a reservoir of internal resources” (pp. 493-494). “To counteract the negative outcomes of perceived stress, students need a toolbox of positive coping mechanisms. Stress management and relaxation training may help students build resiliency against stress by decreasing perceived stress and anxiety, increasing self-esteem and promoting healthy behaviors” (Foret, 2012, p. 326). Ciminero breaks resilience skills into three categories.  Healthy Habits – Being in good physical condition can create more resilience to stress. Healthy eating, adequate sleep, exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, and avoiding caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs will help build a tolerance for stressful situations (Ciminero, 2012, p. 67). Mindfulness exercises like breathing and yoga are also helpful healthy skills to develop before a crisis hits…show more content…
Being able to discuss problems and feelings with someone close is important. Confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of well-being can be strengthened through associations with family, friends, and a spiritual connection. Positive thinking and assertiveness are additional social skills that are beneficial in times of stress (Ciminero, 2012).  Lifestyle Patterns – Learning how to create a balanced life is another way to increase resilience. Normal responsibilities, fun, leisure, social events, and quiet time for self, are all necessary (Ciminero, 2012). Time management skills based on priorities and organization can increase balance (Ciminero, 2012, p. 100). Pelaez (2011) believes that the best stress management technique is planning. It is a way of fighting stress before it happens (¶ 3). Universal School-based

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