Work Life Balance Of Women In India

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In Indian Scenario Our society is at a transition stage. On one hand urge for working women at home, family think that to match their status they want an educated working wife. At the same time the bride who is highly educated is already earning and they want their wife is to look after household responsibilities without sharing their economic responsibility. A traditional country like India , where women will not be allowed to take her own decisions related to education, work, marriage or family without the concern of father or husband. Where Globalization is an ageing workforce affects world economy, women as workers are contributing to the world’s economy. In the process of transition of society where the tradition is undergoing…show more content…
Career and goals are become important factors in life for women. The present challenge for women is to balance the demands of family and career. Work Life Balance of Women became hot topic since the women are equally sharing economic responsibility. A married working women delivering more responsibilities like taking care of children and family. WORK LIFE BALANCE Work Life Balance is the adjustment of hours of individual into Professional and Personal life, which will lead to healthy and peaceful life. It gives special importance to values, attitudes and beliefs of women while balancing their work and personal life. Work life balance, the idea of work-life does not mean that they are workaholic slave, it is a person’s physical and mental well being while contributing to work being healthier and happier. Another side of work life balance is thinking that work is some sort of burden on them which leads to worst situations. Work-Life balance is concept including proper prioritizing between “Work” and “life”…show more content…
Working women will be taking care of the family , children and work all together for which she has to manage her timings accordingly. While playing multiple roles sometimes women will feel depressed and strained due to non cooperation of family or organization. On the other hand family expectations towards women in household works and taking care of children will be at their place and at the same time family expects financial support also. She needs more support from her family both emotionally and physically to complete her responsibilities on time with efficiency. Family should support her in work-life balance of married women. Managerial Support In metropolitan cities like Hyderabad , where married women also contributing equal share in economy in sectors like Institutions, Corporates, Pharma, Banking, etc. at different levels. In every sector at every level management support is need in various aspects. Women into services with full time job of 8 hours working per day and 5 to 6 days in a week. Most of they carry work and home responsibilities to home but balancing between these two situations in present life requires more talent, tact, skill and caution. Women have to cope up with targets, office commitments, tight meeting schedules and the duties and responsibilities at home. Management should support through various schemes and policies like work from home, reducing working hours and counsel

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