The Causes And Effects Of Stress On Stration And Memory

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CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Stress is a feeling which a person has, it may influence an individual’s presence of mind or maybe the aspect in particular. In working overtime and spending a lot of time in school as a student, they are always experiencing stress academically. The APA reported that 33% of American’s rated their stress levels as extreme and 8 out of 10 believed that the main cause of sickness was due to stress (APA,2008). Many performance tasks were the students able to perform in particular subjects a day, they were physically and extremely mentally stress and a lot of pain triggers themselves. Most Americans reports having physical and emotional symptoms such as fatigue, feelings of irritability or anger, insomnia, depression, lack of interest or…show more content…
In accordance to these particular signs, too much stress can causer lack of concentration, memory problems or forgetfulness and anxiety. Inappropriate behaviors like drinking alcohol, smoking or even overeating or skipping meals were also a characteristic to an excessive stress. This research helped to know the possible sources of stress, impact of stress on concentration and memory through recognizing other people in dealing with stress. According to Mitchell (2010), explain the impact of stress on memory. Long term stress or big stressors greatly affect the sympathetic neurons system which disrupts the function of hippocampus. The hippocampus is the part of the brain which is responsible for placing and

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