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This section deals on the common findings with regard to the causes of stress in ministry through questionnaires and interview and it seeks to analyse in light with the scripture and what different authors and scholars have written on the causes of stress in ministry. 5.2.1 Expectations of the People People have a tendency to expect much from the pastor. This is affirmed by George where he says that people expect their pastors to play out multiple roles such as “to be a counsellor, chaplain, preacher, financial wizard, prophet, mediator, marriage expert, bible professor and many more” (21). Likewise, the empirical study shows that people have high expectation from the pastors in terms of their role and duties that often demands a lot of their…show more content…
They change their base because of various reasons (Chart No. 11-12 Cluster B). In the process, pastors and their families encounter various challenges and difficulties which often cause stress. Majority of the WSBAK officials were aware that pastors and their families were affected mentally and physically due to re-shuffling of their base (Chart No.6 Cluster D). During the course of interview the pastors mentioned that the transfer of their base from one congregation to another affects their children’s education. Similar to what Patrick writes about mobility factor as one of the major cause that affects the pastor’s family since “children are taken away from friends and families and education is disturbed” (170). Pastors and their families also encounters challenges such as adjustment problem with new place and the people, emotional detachments from their friends and families, difficulties in making new friends, and transportation problem (Chart No. 12 Cluster B). Transfer from one church to the other is a part of pastoral ministry and the congregation needs to be aware of this cause of stress by understanding the struggles and challenges the pastors and their families encounter in the process of shifting their…show more content…
According to REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy) it is often due to “one’s maladaptive thinking in the form of irrational beliefs [such as, ought to, have to, must, should] leads to emotional problem” (Tan 256). Beasley-Murray affirms that pastors are usually “dominated by the tyranny of should” (18). Similarly, the response of the pastors in (Chart No. 13, 23Cluster B) can be inferred that the cause of stress is not only because of people’s expectation but it is also due to their own irrational beliefs and expectation upon themselves. However, just as Jesus and his disciples took time off from their work after heavy period of ministry Mk.6: 30-32, it is essential to take time off from one’s work in order to revitalize one’s health as it will result for a better outcome of one’s ministry. As asserted by David Horner pastors should not be “unconcerned about the expectations of the people, as one cannot simply ignore them, but one need not have to satisfy them” (28). Most pastors in trying to satisfy and fulfil the expectations of the people experience stress in ministry and it is the task of the church to make the pastors realize the importance of

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