Sally Hansen Marketing Strategy

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Sally Hansen is actually a brand under a company named Coty, Inc., which is an American beauty product manfacturer that has a base in New York and was founded in 1904. Coty, Inc. has many other beauty products that is under them, mostly of the brands are mainly fragrance products such as Davidoff, Calvin Klein, and other beauty products such as Rimmel London and O.P.I. Sally Hansen was actually created in the late 1950s by Sally Hansen and her husband which they first created their own formula “Hard As Nails” for nail protection or they called it as “the nail clinic in a bottle” The brand has ever since grow rapidly and is very well known in today beauty products market. Their aim is not just only to be a trend setter for nail polish but to…show more content…
Their main product may be nail polish but one of their most popular products has caught my attention, Airbrush legs spray. I am one of those people who has scars on legs due to my skin and immune condition which it takes a longtime until it all disappears which it always make me feel unconfident when I have to wear short or skirt whether in my personal time or for work. I have to always wears stocking to work in a hot and humid weather condition in Thailand and it make me feel uncomfortable. The product can also be good for those people who has a problem of varicose veins which sometimes looks very scary and can create unconfident feeling to people. In Thailand, we have just only a few products that is similar to Sally Hansen's Airbrush legs which normally comes from Japan but those products only offers for 2 shades which is light and medium, I can't use both of them because they are non of my skin shades which is tan or very tan when compare to most Thais these days. A lot of people doesn't have light skin complexsion, some even has very dark skin complexsion so it impossible to find the right product for us. Airbrush legs is very easy to use as it comes in spray bottle and offer so many shades from very light to very dark and it is also waterproof, lastlong and doesn't create a mess when wearing the spray. This makes me think that it will have a very good opportunity in Thailand…show more content…
The company can also set up product tester booth in the office area during luch break and can set in the mall so people can gain more knowledge and awareness of the brand and product. Futhermore, the company should create a facebook page to be one of communication channel for the brand and consumer. On the facebook page, the company can post a link of blogger reviews to show people for how to use and the result of the product. They can also create an event on the page such as click like and share to their wall's post also tag a few of their friends in order to get a free sample product which the company will do a winner selection randomly, this way it will help to generate more audience without increasing additional advertising cost. In addition, the company should create a campaign by having people who already using the product put a hashtag and post a video or picture of the result on their own facebook page and the winner will get set of Sally Hansen's products for free and/or discount for their next purchase such as “#NoMoreVisibility, #GoodbyeStocking, or #NoMoreStocking” or any other name so other people can see the real result of the actual people who using the product, it will create more positive impact, brand awareness and persuasive for other

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