Reader Response Criticism

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Typically of feminine and typically of masculine characteristics Kath Woodward (2000, p.46) classify the typically of gender characteristics; Feminine characteristics are anxious, co-operative, faithful, gentle, humane, intuitive, kind, passive, perceptive, responsible, tactful, tender, tidy, timed, and vulnerable. And masculine characteristics are active, arrogant, assertive, athletic, commanding, crude, decisive, individualistic, irresponsible, proud, robust, strong, tall, unemotional, and vigorous. Kath explained that these categories reveal some aspects of how society and culture describe, and prescribe, gender-appropriate behaviours, qualities and characteristics. She also said that these categories are not only to product of everyday exchange, but also can be used in psychological testing to classify and to measure the way male and female see themselves The Use of Reader Response Criticism To enrich the study of reader response, here are…show more content…
The title of her study is “Comparative study on popular literature; A reader-response critic on Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight and Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl’s Beautiful Creatures novel.” The aim of her study is to compare the reader’s response and expectation about the characteristic of gothic romance work by using reader response pragmatic approach by Tompkins. Shabrina decide to compare both elements of the novel such as the character, plot and the extraordinary story which contain on that novel. The result of her study show that the reader found many differences elements appeared from the Twilight and Beautiful creature’s novel, it shown from the result that most of the reader more adore to the twilight novel rather than Beautiful creature’s novel. It is because twilight novel is success to attract reader’s attention and fulfill the reader’s expectation about what gothic romance novel should
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