Narrative Essay On Reading

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Think I remember when I was in the 3rd or 4th grade, which is the earliest memory I have of reading. When I would read a book, I wouldn’t read the words. I would skim over the words and none of the words would come to my thoughts. There was a moment in 3rd or 4th grade that influenced my learning abilities. What I can remember is of my class reading a book with the teacher. Though I can’t remember the book, the teacher told us we were having a competition to see who can read the fastest in the class. When she started to count down, I readied myself. She said one and I started to fly on through the pages trying to be the fastest. Sadly, I wasn’t. whoever was the first raised their hands and the teacher picked that student. After she…show more content…
To me those screen plays, and books were not interesting to me. When we would have reading for homework I would go back to my 3rd grade self and just half ass read the book. But the influence of the event I had in the 3rd grade was tested when I had to get used to having to read a passage, remember it by heart, and speak in front of the class. I especially had to do this for my English senior year where we had to find a poem that was like 5 stanzas long and recite the entire poem. Which I ended up doing very well since rereading things was the main way I studied. For me, reading was easy because all I had to do was to say something over in my head and memorizing it. It was also tested when I also had to reread things and remember them in other classes like history and Spanish. In the present day, I don’t read books as much as I should since there isn’t as much of a need for it now. I still memorize written things through reading when I am at work. I had to study the menu to become a server and I just kept rereading everything and I ended up passing with almost a 100%. Now since I am back in school, I’m going to go back to reading more books, some hopefully I
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