Life Before Khirfaat: Life Before Khilafat

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HAZRAT UMAR (634 – 644 A.D.) Life Before Khilafat: Hazrat Umar, son of Khattab, was born in Makkah twelve or thirteen years after the birth of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The Holy Prophet (PBUH) and Umar had a common ancestor in Ka’ab. Umar was taught reading and writing by his father who was an educated and well-to-do merchant of Makkah. Umar was very learned, intelligent and studious. He was a poet and a very good orator. He was strong and powerful and was fond of archery, horse-riding and wrestling. He was also a sucessful trader and had visited many countries in connection with his business. He was an idol-worshipper. When Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) declared that he was the Prophet of Allah, Hazrat Umar and his father became enemies of the…show more content…
He was the first to swear allegiance to Hazrat Abu Bakr and throughout his Khilafat remained his friend and…show more content…
As an administrator, he remained a model for all great rulers who followed him. Justice Syed Ameer Ali says in his famous book ‘History of Saracens’, “During the thirty years that the Republic lasted, the policy derived its character chiefly from Umar both during his lifetime and after his death.” Before becoming the Khilafat, Hazrat umar had spent ten years in Madinah with the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) had started the practice of consulting his companions on all matters. The first Khalifa, Hazrat Abu Bakrcontinued this practice of mutual consultation. Following their example, Hazrat Umar framed the constitution of the state on the basis of democracy. He established a Majlis-e-Shura consisting of prominent companions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) from both Muhajirin and Ansars. Hazrat Umar consulted this body on all matters. He also constituted a larger body called the Majlis-e-Aam, consisting of Muhajirin and Ansar and representatives of various tribes. This was called into session on special

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