The Importance Of Technology In E-Sports

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Today, because of advanced technology a lot of things has changed. New things are invented. Mail have become e-mail, cellular phones become smartphones and internet becomes our best friend. Those are some of the changes brought by technology. Have you ever thought these advancement of technology can bring a new form of sport? Competitive gaming, sometimes called as E-Sports or Electronic sports by fans and spectators – is a form of sports where the primary aspects of the sport are facilitated by electronic systems (Hamari & Sjoblom, 2015. It is not like the traditional sports we’ve seen, but the essence of a sport is also present in E-Sports. E-Sports is starting to hit our mainstream consciousness. It is starting to gain attention around the world, hitting the front page of a new papers and headlines of the news. E-Sports is starting to get big. 205 million people are watching an E-Sports event worldwide (Kreese,2015) and the E-Sports market is…show more content…
Our local E-Sports scene should be supported and recognized by our government by building a governing body which will regulate and guide the E-Sports industry. By doing so, Filipinos will start to acknowledge E-Sports as a form of sports. Because of this, the negative impression about gaming will be change, and people will see the advantage of playing video games. They will start to understand and will stop judging gamers. Building infrastructure for better internet speed will be beneficial for both E-Sports industry and the Filipino people. E-Sports is unique on its own. It is like playing five-dimensional chess against the world (Cuban, 2016). It is a Sport, a mind-sport. The only difference is; it is played in a computer platform. The physicality aspect might not be present but a real sport’s essence is also present in E-Sports. It may take some time for E-Sports to be formally recognized as a sport, but evolution is

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